Kids First! relies on the generous contributions of its members and supporters.  In order to ensure the maximum amount of money goes into programs, all board members and officers are volunteers taking no compensation for their efforts.  Kids First! is a 501(c)(3) organization.  As a result, all contributions should be tax deductible to the donor.  Donors are advised to consult their tax advisor before proceeding.   

Donations of $100 or more qualify the donor to be a member of Kids First! which entitles the member to attend the annual meeting and vote on matters properly brought before the board of directors. 

Please support the children of St. John.
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Kids First! accepts contributions via check
.  All checks should be made out to Kids First! and should include the donor’s name, address and telephone number.  Checks should be mailed to

Kids First! c/o Bruce Claflin
5000 Estate Enighed
PMB 129
St. John, VI 00830

Kids First! accepts contributions of publicly traded, US stocks.
  For information on how to proceed contact us at